Non NHS Fees and Charges

If you have a form that you wish to complete email it to The Medical Reports Administrator will then contact you about costs and payment. If you need to be seen by the GP in order to complete the form they will arrange this as well. 

Please see below for details of our fees and charges for work not funded by the NHS:

What we do provide:

  • Council Tax Certificate of Severe Impairment
  • Holiday Cancellation Certificate
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Private Sick notes
  • Statement of Fact
  • Summary of diagnosed medical conditions
  • Private Patient Prescriptions - Travel only
  • To Whom It May Concern Letter

What we don't provide:

  • Mental Capacity Assessment for Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Lasting Power of Attorney signing
  • Fitness to fly
  • Childminder Medical
  • Court of Protection
  • Medical Examinations for HGV and Taxi License
  • Medical Certificates for recreational events eg. Pilgrimages/Lourdes
  • Medical Certificates for recreational activities eg. Parachute jumps, Pilot License, Marathons, Fitness events
  • Patient requested medicals
  • PSV medicals
  • Seatbelt exemption
  • Occupational Health - pre and post employment
  • Letters for exam absence/extenuating circumstances
  • Passport applications
  • Personal Independent Payment (PIP) Appeal letters


Medical Reports and Non-NHS Work for Patients


Current Price*

Council Tax Certificate of Severe Impairment (Council Tax Exemption) FREE
Summary of diagnosed medical conditions and current medications FREE
Holiday/Travel Cancellation Certificate £40
Private Patient Prescriptions (eg. Malaria and Diazepam) - Travel only £10
Private Sick note £36
Statement of Fact  £36
To Whom It May Concern Letter £36

Travel/Other Vaccinations


Current Price*

Encephalitis (per dose) £115
Hep B Adult and/or Paediatric (per dose) £70
Meningitis £60
Rabies, Rabies booster single injection £65
Tick-borne Encephalitis (per dose) £65
Yellow Fever (Excluding Certificate) £72
Yellow Fever (Certificate only) £15

*Includes VAT if appropriate

Prices subject to change. Updated September 2021