All of our doctors and nurses are able to provide contraceptive advice. If you would like to take the contraceptive pill, you will be required to speak to one of our doctors for your first appointment.

If you have been asked to complete our contraceptive pill or patch checklist for your medication review - please download the form below:

Contraceptive Pill or Patch Checklist

Other forms of contraception that we offer here at Salisbury Medical Practice include:

  • Contraceptive injections (also known as Depo)
  • Contraceptive implants
  • Contraceptive coils (Mirena Coil or Copper Coil)

For Long Acting Reversible Contraception Advice, please click here:


Coil and Implant Appointments

If you are interested in having an implant or coil fitted, replaced or removed, please contact the practice on 01722 333034. Alternatively, you can contact the sexual health department at Salisbury District Hosptial on 01722 425120 or visit their website: