Sarum Cathedral Primary Care Network

About us

Sarum Cathedral Primary Care Network (PCN) is a collaborative project between Salisbury Medical Practice and Harcourt Medical Centre. If you are a patient at one of these practices then you are also part of our PCN and will be able to benefit from services and projects offered now and in the future.

PCNs are directive from NHS England to encourage greater collaborative working across practices and enable a greater array of health and social care staff to enter primary care.


What do we offer?

  • Care Home and Frailty Service – we have a dedicated team of GPs, Health Care Assistants, Pharmacists and administrative staff who work hard to ensure every care home registered with the PCN receives a weekly ward round, regular Structured Medication Reviews, new admission and hospital discharge reviews, as well as a Multi-disciplinary team discussion on a monthly basis.
  • Pharmacy team – consists of 2 Pharmacists and a Pharmacy Technician who work across the PCN ensuring appropriate medication is prescribed, answering medication queries and doing medication safety reviews/audits.
  • Social Prescriber team – currently only has 1 team member who takes referrals from the primary care team. He spends his time supporting patients and signposting to appropriate services.
  • Covid Vaccination Clinics – in a joint enterprise with Sarum Trinity PCN we have delivered nearly 50,000 Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines, initially in the wonderful setting of Salisbury Cathedral and latterly at Leaden Hall. Without PCNs and GP surgeries, the nationwide Covid Vaccination effort would not have been delivered to the phenomenally successful level it has been and we are proud to have been a part of this.

What do we have planned?

  • Supporting patients with a new diagnosis of Cancer through expansion of our social prescriber team.
  • Providing new parents an opportunity for discussion with other new parents with guidance from our social prescriber team.
  • Condition specific peer-support groups in the form of Café’s. This was a regular feature at Fisherton House prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and is something we hope to re-establish in the future.
  • Development of a combined Home Visiting Team for acute problem home visits through expansion of our Paramedic team.
  • Combined Flu vaccination clinics to give patients more choice as to where and when you have you flu vaccination.

Who are we?

Our network has a Board who meet fortnightly to discuss current and future projects for the PCN. In addition to this we have specific teams who work on different services within the network.

PCN Board:

  • Dr Dan Henderson – PCN Clinical Director.
  • Dr Benjamin Kay – PCN Board Member for Harcourt Medical Centre.
  • Dr Jacob Ressa – PCN Board Member for Harcourt Medical Centre.
  • Dr Rebecca Seabridge – PCN Board Member for Salisbury Medical Practice.
  • Dr Clare Connolly – PCN Board Member for Salisbury Medical Practice.
  • Marie Narang – Practice Manager Salisbury Medical Practice.
  • Debbie Petty – Practice Manager Harcourt Medical Centre.

Care Home and Frailty Service:

  • Dr Kara Barnett – CHFS Clinical Lead and GP Lead for all Learning Disability and Mental Health Care Homes 
  • Adela Selleck – CHFS Office Manager.
  • Dr Harriet Upton – Bemerton Lodge Named GP.
  • Dr Dan Henderson - Old Sarum Manor Named GP
  • Dr Jessica Doe – Bourne House Named GP.
  • Dr Julian Totman – Braemar Lodge Named GP.
  • Dr Fiona Tipler – Salisbury Manor and Wilton Place Named GP.
  • Dr Laura Buckley – Holmwood and Inwood Named GP.
  • Dr Alexander Corcoran – Kimberley East and West Named GP.
  • Dr Christina Powell – Laverstock Care Centre Named GP.
  • Yumei Guan – CHFS Nurse Associate.
  • Amanda Barrow-Davies – CHFS Nurse Associate.

Pharmacy Team:

  • Natalie Harvey – CHFS Lead Pharmacist for Salisbury Medical Practice.
  • Vimbanashe Sibanda – CHFS Lead Pharmacist for Harcourt Medical Centre
  • Maqsood Yasin – Pharmacist.
  • Stacey West – Pharmacy Technician.

Administration Team:

  • Adela Selleck - CHFS Office Manager.
  • India White - CHFS Administrator.

Social Prescriber Team:

  • Joanna Baldwin – Social Prescriber.