Parking Policy at Fisherton House

Due to the increasing amount of inappropriate use of our Car Parks at Fisherton House, we have enforced a 1 hour parking policy.

Any unauthorised cars parked in the front and rear car parks will be fined up to £75 (this fine is reduced to £35 if paid within 2 weeks). Vehicles will be tracked through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) as you enter and as you leave.

All fines will be paid to a private company, not the Practice. We have implemented this system in the interest of our patients to ensure that there is ample parking available when they attend the Practice. 

We have been experiencing many people parking their cars in our Car Park to visit the City Centre, walk to the train station or visit the organisations in the surrounding area, often meaning patients are unable to park.

If you are in the building for over an hour, for example if your appointment over runs or you are waiting for a prescription, please speak to Reception and give your car registration details to ensure that you do not receive a fine.

We have introduced this policy to benefit all of our patients and visitors using our building and would like to thank you for your cooperation. 


Have you received a parking fine but were visiting Fisherton House?

Please do not pay the fine. Our car park is managed by an external company who will not issue a refund for parking tickets that have been paid, even if we can validate your visit to the premises. Their policy states liability has been accepted if a payment is made. 

Please contact us to appeal, giving your name, telephone number, registration plate and date the ticket was issued. If the appeal is not upheld, we will contact you. If your appeal is successful, we will cancel the ticket. Please note, due to staff time constraints, we will not contact you individually to let you know this unless we need further information.