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updated at 11:46am on 19/06/2018

by Anonymous

The phone system cannot cope with demand

I live in Heath Road and it is actually quicker for me to drive down to the surgery and speak to someone on Reception than get through by phone. Also, please could you change the text system to including the day of the week as well as the date it would have helped by daughter, who had about 6 different appointments to attend to have her dressing changed, not to turn up on the wrong day! Some people, especially youngsters, don't carry diaries around with them!

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 31 May 2018

by Anonymous

Well done to everyone at Salisbury Medical Practice

We would like to express our thanks to all staff for providing a professional and caring practice. Fortunately, we rarely need to call on the services, however when we do we are always extremely impressed and grateful for the service and care we receive from all staff.
The NHS often receives negative comments which is why we wanted to submit a positive review. We are very lucky to belong to such a fantastic practice and are also very grateful.

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 30 May 2018