Our staff have put together a range of resources to help with anxiety and worry due to the coronavirus as well as things to keep your mind and body healthy during self-isolation or social distancing.


Corefulness website

Free sign up to video based exercise programmes which teach you about four key stabilising muscles of the body - how to train, strengthen and use them in everyday sport and activity! Watch the video for more information:

Healthy Lifestyle for Older People

Wiltshire Council have produced this guide for older people to learn more about healthy eating as well as the importance of hydration and psychical activity. 



NHS Mental Health Apps

A range of free apps recommended by the NHS, including mindfulness, meditation and apps to help de-stress.


Silverline Helpline

A free, confidential helpline providing information and friendship to older people, open 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. 

Call 0800 470 8090