Shielding Letters  

The Government has centrally identified patients that they believe to be at the highest clinical risk and sent a letter to those patients. 

There has been changing guidance in the past week regarding which patients are at moderate risk and therefore need to use strict social distancing measures and which are at the highest risk and should be shielding.

There has also been a delay in the General Practice systems being linked into central systems to enable patients that are identified in primary care to be centrally recognised. This issue has still not been resolved but we recognise that this uncertainty is having significant implications for some patients in terms of whether or not they should be attending work and ability to gain access to priority food delivery slots.

If you believe that you have health conditions that place you in the highest risk group (meaning that you should be shielding) and have not received a letter already please either call the surgery or preferably send us an email:

A clinician will then be able to review your record to clarify your current risk status.

Please also self-report this via the Government UK website as this will enable your status to be added to a national database:

Published: Apr 8, 2020