Re-organising GP Lists

We are re-organising the doctors lists to accommodate for Dr Hewetsons and Dr Burns impending retirement. 

  • We operate a pool list system that means all patients are registered to Salisbury Medical Practice and not individual GPs. 
  • We then have a "usual GP" list that assigns one named GP to be responsible for the administration of the patient’s records, ie. filng of test results, updating referral progress, Subject Access Requests and private non-NHS work. 
  • Patients of course do have the right of choice to see whichever GP they prefer.  However, we would strongly encourage you that for reasons of continuity to see your usual GP.   The usual GPs are also in support teams, as many of our GPs are part-time, so there is always somebody from that team working across the various sites to ensure and to improve patient continuity. 

We have listened to your comments regarding patient continuity and we have implemented this system to improve the service.

Published: Dec 17, 2020